China Symposium

China is a major player in the world politics. Still there’s not that much we know about this mysterious country. Therefore LUX organizes in close collaboration with the JOVD Rijk van Nijmegen and the JD Nijmegen a symposium about China. Immerse yourself for one day with Chinese politics and culture.

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China is considered as the emerging world power. It’s about time we delve more into this big player. What about the Chinese political situation and its international relations? We will discuss current issues such as the Huawei affair, the unrest in Hong Kong and the expansion of Chinese military installations in the South Chinese Sea. Where do these political tensions come from and what do they mean for us?

This day consists of inspiring workshops and stimulating interviews with keynote speakers. We learn more about Chinese philosophy, how to start a successful business in China and there is the possibility of taking a Chinese language course. An informative and interactive meeting in which this superpower is central.

08.45 AM Doors open
09.15 AM Introduction
09.30 AM The rise of modern China by Bertjan Verbeek
Bertjan Verbeek is a professor of international relations at Radboud University. This includes a keen interest in the east-Asian region. Therefore, Verbeek will start our symposium with a lecture on contemporary Chinese history. 
10.45 AM Xi JinPing’s vision by Henk Schulte Nordholt
Henk, speaker and author of several books, most recently ‘China and the barbarians – Resisting the western world order’. During his session he will explain Xi Jingping’s vision on their system.
11.45 AM Lunch
12.45 PM First round of workshops. The choices are:

  • China and The West by Eric C. Hendriks
    The last few years tension between China and teh West has risen. Socioligist Eric Hendriks will shed his light on the light on the cultural and ideological roots underlying these rising tensions.
  • The Silk Road by Mick Timmermans
    China is building a new international trade network. With investments in i.a. Greece and African Nations. Mick will explain China’s international strategy and he will also elaborate on political and economical implications.

02.00 PM Second round of workshops. The choices are:

  • The Great China Debate by Thomas Vissers
  • Managing a business in China by Stado Kiewiet de Jonge
    What is living and working in the, for us, relatively unknown country of China really like? Stado has been an accomplished executive director in China for over 15 years and can therefore tell you all about managing a successful business over there.
  • Supression of minorities door Amnesty International
    Whether it is the Uyghurs or the Falum Gong, you often hear about the position of minorities in China on the news. But what can we say about human rights protection of minorities in China? To discuss this difficult but important issue, Amnesty will join us for both a subsession on the topic and a panel.

03.15 PM Panel discussion + Q&A Eric C. Hendriks, Mick Timmermans, Stado Kiewiet de Jonge and Amnesty International, moderated by Sjoerd Wannet.
04.30 PM End of the symposium

This symposium is a collaboration with the JOVD Rijk van Nijmegen, JD Arnhem-Nijmegen and LUX Nijmegen.

This program is in English.

China is een enorme speler in de wereldpolitiek. Toch weten we vrij weinig over dit mysterieuze land. Daarom organiseren we in samenwerking met jongerenpartijen, de JD Arnhem-Nijmegen en JOVD Rijk van Nijmegen, op zaterdag 15 februari het China symposium 2020. Laat je een dag onderdompelen in de Chinese politiek en cultuur.

China wordt gezien als dé opkomende wereldmacht. Het is hoogtijd ons meer te verdiepen in deze grote speler. Hoe staat het met Chinese politieke situatie en haar internationale betrekkingen? We gaan in op actuele onderwerpen zoals de Huawei-affaire, de onrust in Hong Kong en de uitbreiding van Chinese militaire installaties in de Zuid-Chinese zee. Waar komen deze politieke spanningen vandaan en wat betekenen ze voor ons?

De dag bestaat uit inspirerende workshops en prikkelende interviews met experts. We leren meer over Chinese filosofie, hoe je een succesvolle onderneming in China start en er is de mogelijkheid tot het volgen van een stoomcursus Chinese taal. Een informatieve en interactieve bijeenkomst waarin deze grootmacht centraal staat.

08.45 uur Inloop
09.15 uur Opening
09.30 uur Inleidende moderne geschiedenis van China door Bertjan Verbeek
10.45 uur Xi JinPing’s visie op socialisme door Henk Schulte Nordholt
11.45 uur Lunch
12.45 uur Eerste workshopronde. Keuze uit:

  • China vs. Westerse politiek door Eric C. Hendriks
  • Silk Road door Mick Timmermans

14.00 uur Tweede workshopronde. Keuze uit:

  • Het grote Chinadebat door Thomas Vissers
  • Ondernemen in China door Stado Kiewiet de Jonge
  • Minderheden in China door Amnesty Nederland

15.15 uur Paneldiscussie + Q&A over de staat van de Chinese politiek door Eric C. Hendriks, Mick Timmermans, Stado Kiewiet de Jonge en Amnesty International, gemodereerd door Sjoerd Wannet.
16.30 uur Einde

Dit symposium is een samenwerking tussen de JOVD Rijk van Nijmegen, de JD Arnhem-Nijmegen en LUX Nijmegen.

De voertaal van dit symposium is Engels.


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