Livestream – The Science of Relaxation

Lectures by neuroscientist Martin Dresler and psychiatrist Anne Speckens
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Hurry, hurry, hurry. How can we stay relaxed in a hurried society? And what can we learn from the cognitive and neurological processes that take place during our sleep? Learn from neuroscientist Martin Dresler and psychiatrist Anne Speckens about the use and value of relaxation.

This program is in English.

The economic and technological progress of our society has not resulted in having more time for relaxation. On the contrary, our focus on economic growth and the way we use technology has only resulted in busier lives. Relaxation is something we need to take care for ourselves. How do you do this? A session of mindfulness in between can relax you, but will that be enough?

Psychiatrist Anne Speckens explains how relaxation affects our mental well-being. Practicing mindfulness has proven clinical effects, but looking critically at the way we organize our lives, is just as important. Is mindfulness a tool that can help us?

Sleep is our most important moment of daily rest. At the same time, it is still a great mystery. What happens when we sleep? Neuroscientist Martin Dresler explains what scientists know about the biological and neurological processes that take place during our sleep. Understanding sleep provides us with knowledge about the importance of rest. Could this knowledge underline the importance of slowing down our lives?

After their lectures, Anne Speckens and Martin Dresler will participate in a conversation, led by philosopher Cees Leijenhorst.

Martin Dresler is a neuroscientist and principle investigator at the Donders Institute of Radboud University. In his research on sleep, he makes use of his background in biopsychology, philosophy and mathematics. He researches the cognitive processes that occur during sleep and the use of sleep for our memory and cognitive functioning.

Anne Speckens is director of the Radboudumc Center for Mindfulness and professor of Psychiatry, with a focus on mood and anxiety disorders. She is involved in scientific research on the effectiveness of mindfulness.

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