A 360 Virtual Reality Film Experience

Le Lac, Aqua and Songbird
Nimma aan zee

With a 360º VR experience you experience the films Le Lac, Aqua and Songbird in a whole different way. With a set of virtual reality glasses you step in a new world, from your cinema seat. 


“Le Lac” is a dreamscape where liquid gives way to dust. The oasis of the Sahel, Lake Chad, is not who she used to be. Ninety percent of her water is gone, leaving her feeling depleted, wary, scared and insecure. Climate change has made the millions of people who depend on her vulnerable, and induced the threat of Boko Haram insurgency. In this immersive documentary, step into the lives of Mahamat, a once-wealthy pastoralist, and Nassuri, a refugee-turned-fisherman, as the lake herself hopes for their survival amidst her scattered ponds. 


The Wild Immersion is the first virtual nature reserve of global biodiversity, supported by Jane Goodall Institute. Dive into the ocean and contemplate a colorful school of tropical fish, peaceful sea turtles, intimidating sharks and various whales. A sight to behold but also a habitat threatened with extinction.


Songbird is a fairytale with a dark heart. You will be transported to the island of Kauai in1984 and into a painted replica of a lush cloud forest filled with colourful birds. Here, you are invited to search for the last known ʻōʻō, an iconic black bird with yellow leg feathers and a beautiful song, a bird whose existence has been threatened to the point of extinction. You are retracing the steps of world renowned ornithologist Dr Jim Jacobi, one of the last known people to ever see the ʻōʻō bird. Songbird has been created with a fully spatialised soundscape of recordings of extinct birds – sonic fossils – combined with authentic sounds from the Kauai’an wet forest.


Kom met het kunst voor klimaat festival Nimma aan zee op 9, 10 en 11 juni in LUX Nijmegen los van de grenzen van je belevingswereld. Verplaats je in inheemse culturen, natuur, organismen en andere en nieuwe realiteiten. Loop met ons door het Nijmegen van de toekomst, wandel door het pop-up bos in de versteende stad, onderzoek mogelijke toekomstscenario’s, kom luisteren naar spoken-word artiesten, spraakmakende en activistische sprekers en nog veel meer.

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