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Alain (Guillaume Canet) and his wife Selena (Juliette Binoche) try to adapt as well as possible to modern life.

She – once theater actress – plays in a long-running police series for television. And he – a celebrated publisher – is watching with dismay how the digital world catches up with his beloved field. He has serious doubts about the last manuscript of his friend and writer Leonard Spiegel, from whom he has been publishing his semi-autobiographical novels for years. The rejection that follows affects not only the mutual understanding between Alain and Leonard, but also the relationships with the women around them.

Doubles vies is the new film by Olivier Assayas (Clean, Demonlover, Something in the Air), which after two internationally tinted trips turns into a genuine French arthouse. Doubles vies premiered at the Venice Film Festival, where the film was enthusiastically welcomed by the international press. In 1985, director Olivier Assayas co-wrote André Téchiné’s controversial film Rendez-vous, a film in which a young woman played by Juliette Binoche goes on a sexual discovery. That film meant the breakthrough of Binoche, who is regarded as one of the greatest actresses of our time. After L’Heure d’été and Clouds of Sils Maria, Binoche and Assayas are now working together for the third time.

On a weekly basis we now offer you film screenings with English subtitles. That way, people from all over the world who would like to go to the cinema but feel inhibited, either because they cannot understand the spoken language or do not have a sufficient understanding of the Dutch language to read the subtitles, will still be able to enjoy the films we screen.

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