English Subs – Fête de Famille

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A family reunion in honor of the seventieth anniversary of the “mater familias” turns out a little different than expected. Andrea (Catherine Deneuve) had not expected her oldest daughter, Claire, to show up.

Claire left with four years earlier. She is welcomed back warmly, but Claire feels neglected by her family and is determined to get what she deserves. It therefore doesn’t take long before the party degenerates into chaos. Fête de Famille is a comedy by the French director Cédric Kahn (La Prière) with Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuelle Bercot, Vincent Macaigne and Cédric Kahn himself.

On a weekly basis we now offer you film screenings with English subtitles. That way, people from all over the world who would like to go to the cinema but feel inhibited, either because they cannot understand the spoken language or do not have a sufficient understanding of the Dutch language to read the subtitles, will still be able to enjoy the films we screen.

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