English Subs – Inu-Oh

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Inu-oh is born with a unique physique. The people around him are so horrified that they cover every inch of his body with clothing, even his face is hidden behind a mask.

One day he meets a young blind biwa player named Tomona. While Tomona plays an intriguing song about confused destiny, Inu-oh discovers that he has an incredible dancing ability. They become inseparable as friends and business partners, using their creative gifts to survive on the fringes of society. They play song after song and slowly but surely become big stars.

With his music, Inu-oh enchants his audience and gradually he begins to transform into someone of unparalleled beauty. But why is Tomona blind and why was Inu-oh born with his unique appearance? This film tells the story of the friendship of the two stars, who dance and sing in orde to find out the truth and thus break each other’s curses.

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