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Pacifiction is a brooding political thriller in which a crafty bureaucrat reaches the limits of his influence on an island paradise. With a hypnotic rhythm, director Albert Serra cites themes such as colonial bureaucracy, geopolitical power games and nuclear threats.

As High Commissioner of the French Republic, De Roller knows his way around the French Polynesian island of Tahiti. Always dressed in a white suit, the charming politician moves with the greatest of ease from a business meeting to a seedy nightclub and from a dance performance to a surfing competition. Whether he’s placating locals or putting pressure on a priest, every encounter is a negotiation or a performance. However, his diplomatic talents are put to the test when a French nuclear test submarine is rumored to have been sighted off the coast of the island.

Benoît Magimel’s breathtaking cinematography and acting have won numerous awards. Cahiers du Cinéma even named Pacifiction Film of the Year 2022.

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