Moonlight + Talk

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The 2016 award winning film ‘Moonlight’, directed by Barry Jenkins, portrays the childhood, adolescence and adulthood of an Afro-American queer person. During the three defining chapters of his life Chiron struggles and searches for his identity, love and how to accept himself.

Moonlight is not just a beautifully shot film, it is also addresses important issues around (sexual) identity, masculinity and racial inequality. On the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, we bring this masterpiece back to the big screen. After the screening, a panel together with the audience will be discussing questions addressed by the film. These questions will include how masculinity and sexual identity are formed in our racialized world and what it means to be Black and queer not just in the U.S. but also in Europe.

The panel for this program wil exist of Yan Merida Brockmeier, Nathan Miango, and Benjamin Sam. 

Yan Merida Brockmeier (he/him) is a person of colour (POC) and queer, and is studying Philosophy, Politics and Society with a focus on marginalisation and human rights. He wrote a paper on Identities outside the cisgender binary arguing for gender freedom. 

Benjamin Sam (he/him) is a freelance writer and researcher with a background in International Relations. He is an active team member of Omek, a community-centric platform that promotes inclusion, equality, representation and participation of the African diaspora in society and business. 

Nathan Miango (he/him) studies international Business Communication in Nijmegen, and is commissioner of Activities at Babylon, the student association for Communication and Information Studies. With his experience as a Black and queer person, he hopes to give us his insights on race relations as a Black person. 

The evening will be moderated by Karla Kiefer (she/her). She holds a bachelor in Arts and Culture studies where she did a minor in gender and postcolonial studies. She later did a pre-masters in political science and is now pursuing her masters in Transatlantic Studies at Radboud University where she’s specialising in history, culture and politics.  She has worked at the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion office at Radboud University as an event coordinator, where she was actively involved in inclusivity, diversity and (anti-)racism on campus. 

This event is organised by the student group ARA (Anti-Racism Awareness) from Radboud University. ARA wants to contribute to a positive environment in- and outside the university free from racism and any other form of discrimination by raising awareness for these issues.

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