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Movies that Matter

Where does your used phone or computer go when you buy a new one? It is most likely to end up in Agbogbloshie in Ghana; the largest electronic waste dump in the world, containing over 250,000 tons of electronic waste from mostly western countries. About 6000 women, men and children live and work here.

They call it Sodom, after the sinful city in the bible. Despite the apocalyptic nature of this place, the end is not near: it is growing each day. This garbage bin of the our modern globalized civilization, full of short-lived technology, offers people that live on it a livelihood, but threatens their lives at the same time, because of the extreme conditions and pollution. Beautifully shot, this film shows the lives of those people who have made this place their home.

After the screening of Welcome to Sodom Dr Lei Delsen will discuss the film together with the audience.  Dr Lei Delsen is Associate Professor of Socio-Economic Policy at the Department of Economics of the Nijmegen School of Management, Radboud University Nijmegen. His current research topics includes the relationship between globalisation and the national welfare states.
He coordinates and teaches the BA elective course “Economics and sustainable development.

This programme is moderated by Amnesty International Studentengroep Nijmegen and will be in English.

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